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 Loch Ness Monster Quest

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PostSubject: Loch Ness Monster Quest   Loch Ness Monster Quest EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 1:11 am

Coach Outlet More than one slippery creature is said to be living in Loch Nessie. In any case, people have reported seeing a humped "what-is-it" for over 30 years. For a long time the mysterious monster was considered just a joke. But things changed in 1966.Then, some photo experts of the Royal Air Force reported on their study of a film of the "monster". They said that there really is some huge objects in Loch Ness--and it's probably alive!

Cheap coach bags Most scientists agree that Nessie is neither a whale nor a shark. They think that it could be a huge, unknown kind of sea slug. The small garden slug can stretch its body to enter worm holes. So a sea slug could shape its body into the one, two, three or more humps that different people say they have seen. cheap chanel bags

chanel j12 replica How did Nessie get into Loch Nessie? From the sea, all say. Until the end of the last Ice Age[4] the lake was an arm of the sea. Then the ice on the rugged rocks melted. The earth's crust rose, leaving the lake separated from the sea. The lake's gloomy bottom is well-stocked with fish. What a perfect place for a settlement of monsters! Gradually, they could get used to fresh water.
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Loch Ness Monster Quest
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