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 The Wolf and the Crane

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The Wolf and the Crane Empty
PostSubject: The Wolf and the Crane   The Wolf and the Crane EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 12:10 am

Coach Outlet One day a wolf was eating his dinner hastily and swallowed a bone. It stuck in his throat. He tried to get it out, but he could not.
Cheap coach bags Just then a crane flew down to him. “ Dear Crane!” said the wolf to the crane. “I'm in trouble. A bone has stuck in my throat. Will you put your head into my throat and pull it out? You have a very long neck and I'm sure you can reach it. I will pay you well for it.”
cheap chanel bags “All right. I'll help you. Open your mouth as wide as you can,” said the crane, and put his head into the wolf’s mouth and pulled out the bone. “Thank you very much, my friend,” said the wolf. “Now I must be paid for the work,” said the crane.
chanel j12 replica “Well,” said the wolf. “You put your head into my throat, but I did not bite off your head. Isn't that enough for you? Go along and don't talk about rewards.”
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The Wolf and the Crane
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