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 An English Speech Of LiYang

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PostSubject: An English Speech Of LiYang   An English Speech Of LiYang EmptySat Jul 24, 2010 12:26 am

Coach Outlet Today is the second day of 2009 ,it also a special for me .Because i have a chance to go to an english speech of LiYang and crazy to learn english follow him .
He is a firendly,kindly person who make me feel good.What‘s more ,he very confidence .And he make me sure what he can do i also can do,as long as i make a determination and force myself to do it every second,Crazy just like him .
Cheap coach bags I learn one setence from his book ever :If you want to succeed always force yourself to do more .I can't agree more with him .
To be honest ,when i was a littel girl i already fall in love with english.But what a pity i am poor in english ,and it make me feel frustrating .So i want to give up many times ,but i can't as i still love it .So i tell mysefl :if you think you can you can ,and all your hard work will pay off.
cheap chanel bags Today i am very happy i can listien this wonderful speech of LiYang. I reap a great benifits from him .As he say :i am the best ,and every one can do it . Yes,i belive i can do it if i crazy as he .
chanel j12 Now i want to say :i will never give up.
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An English Speech Of LiYang
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