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 Do one thing every day

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PostSubject: Do one thing every day   Do one thing every day EmptyThu Jul 29, 2010 12:48 am

Coach Outlet A painter, held a dozen individual exhibitions. No matter how many visitors the beginning, always a smile on his face. Once I asked him: "Why are you so happy every day?"
Cheap coach bags He told me one thing: an hour later, my interest is very extensive, very stronger. Painting, drawing accordion, swimming, playing basketball, to be had to the first Caixing. This is of course impossible. So I disheartened, grades plummeted.
cheap chanel bags After his father know, get a funnel and a handful of corn seeds. Let me put your hands and then funnel the following, and then put into the funnel which picked up a seed, seed hopper will slide down my hand.
chanel j12 Father cast a dozen times, my hands and will have more than ten seeds. Then, his father once grabbed packed inside a corn on the funnel, corn; tablets each other crowded in, one did not actually fall. My father said to me: "This funnel to represent you, if you do one thing every day, every day you will have a seed harvest and happiness. But when you want everything pushed together to do, but not even a seed was harvested too. "
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Do one thing every day
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