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 Refuse gifts

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PostSubject: Refuse gifts   Refuse gifts EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 12:49 am

christian louboutin shoes A Buddhist monk on the road met a person who does not like him. For several days, a good long way, in every way that people have been insulting him.
Finally, Jackson turned to the man: "If someone gave you a gift, but you refuse to accept, then this gift belongs to whom?"
The man replied: "Of course, the man belongs to the original gift."
christian louboutin sale Jackson nodded and said: "Yes. For these days You gave me a gift, I flatly refused to accept." With that, Jackson smiled, turned away.
The guy is stunned in place, waiting for ages to children did not Huiguo Shen. People overturned on a spit, the ultimate dirty, and often his face.
Christian louboutin boots Christian
louboutin boots</a> The face of misunderstanding and criticism of others, to face life's troubles and sorrow, why do not we
take it as a gift? Just gently say rejected, you will return for a good mood, refreshing, heaven and earth not affect.
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Refuse gifts
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