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 Austria big area of high altitude snow

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Austria big area of high altitude snow Empty
PostSubject: Austria big area of high altitude snow   Austria big area of high altitude snow EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 12:33 am

christian louboutin shoes The vast majority of countries of the Northern Hemisphere, August is still summer. However, many high-altitude regions of Austria but in the last two days in August this year, a large area of snow there.
Austria 31 meteorological department said that from 30 onwards, the Austrian region of more than 1,200 meters above sea level have varying degrees of snow, snow falling in some areas of new or up to 50 cm thick, and this one snowy weather will continue until at least 9 1st.
christian louboutin sale This summer season, the sudden snowfall to cause inconvenience to the daily lives of many Austrians. Alps mountain scenic area has been forced to shut down a number,
snowy weather has resulted in numerous accidents. Some have asked the high altitude driving vehicles fitted with snow chains.
Some experts also worry that some animals can not beat the mountains the temperature dropped abruptly challenges.
Christian louboutin pumps According to the Austrian news agency reported 31, a 6 climbers trapped by sudden heavy snowfall in the Austrian mountains of the western elevation of 3,000 meters. They send out a distress signal early 31, but severe weather conditions, can not be dispatched rescue helicopters, rescue workers can only walk came to the rescue. Currently, the vast majority of the members of the climbers were safely out of danger, but a rescue team for less than death.
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Austria big area of high altitude snow
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