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 More noble than the charity

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More noble than the charity Empty
PostSubject: More noble than the charity   More noble than the charity EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 12:29 am

cheap chanel bags The couple sold downstairs powder for some time. Simple stalls,
warm smile, attracted many customers. I went to far, and found that there is always bit outdated old clothes waiting in the
corner stall. The hands of the couple are busy living, side, smiling politely said to him, the elderly, you wait, which you
engage. While the couple in a box on the deft manner in marinated the powder, and gave the elderly. Old man took his,
silently turned away he seems never paid.
chanel handbags sale I could not help but asked curiously, that middle-aged woman
sighed and said, elderly people also lives bitter, the children of La Cheda, and to the old but a broken reed ... ... we are
doing the parents, the elderly as long as years, more Zhou Ji, many can not, let him eat a box of pink total about her, the
woman's face showing the promise look less remorse, as if to only provide a mere box of powder.
Chanel Flap bags I noticed that the elderly
couple have been like on any one customer. Charity, many people tend to do, but not everyone is equally able to
give.Downstairs and later opened several powder stall, but I still only get to that, not why, I just like to sit there
quietly, the sound in a noisy city, watching the couple with their rough hands handed out good and in good faith, gave a
weaker than their elderly
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More noble than the charity
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