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 Sage and the young

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Sage and the young Empty
PostSubject: Sage and the young   Sage and the young EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 12:34 am

christian louboutin shoes Visit the sage wisdom of a young man ask for advice.
Young people, ah, make up with me. Sage so said, quietly walked to the nearby lake.
Reached the lake, sage did not hesitate to step into the lake, went to the depths of the lake; young man had no option but to
follow the sage behind.
christian louboutin sale Deep lake gradually up to the young man's neck did not flood, but the sages do not mind young people, that terror of the vision, go further up. Water immersion of the young man's head at last. Soon, sage has quietly turn back, return of the lake.
Christian louboutin pumps After
landing, the sage asked the young man with a teasing tone: dive underwater, you feel what? In addition to landing but also to consider anything else? Young man immediately replied: I just want to get air.
Sage slowly injunction Road: It is so ah! To seek wisdom, we should think of air as submersion in water as strong as when, to get ah.
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Sage and the young
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