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 Indian Wall

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PostSubject: Indian Wall   Indian Wall EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 11:18 pm

christian louboutin shoes Desert climate is very special. During the
day, the sun red reflection sand and heat through the accumulation of roasted alive can die; night, deserted and cold in the wilderness without cover flooding, but also can help people frozen.Despite the desert climate so terrible, feels comfortable to be able to Indians living there, this is why?
In the desert, the Indians are specially designed wall, its thickness just right ---- the day, hot sun is not sunny sunny
through that wall, as is the hot topic, the night had arrived. Intolerable cold night, it was hot sun of the walls, it is slowly emit heat stored during the day to make room to become warm.
christian louboutin sale If some of that thin wall, the day will turn
into the oven interior at night it can not emit enough heat; if that wall and then thicker, while Bu Zhiyu hot during the
day, the night was through, but because of the heat and become cold.The secret is that all this was not thick not thin walls.Whether or not to live in the desert, we must have everyone's mind so proud when a wall ---- the praise of others, to remain in frustrated with the time; to catch an arrow launched by the enemy, as our weapons when the shortage of weapons; stopped attacking other people's words, into useful recommendations; the extra money can only result in evil, the poor may be left to the future ... ... as the Indians would burn that person's exposure, leave the cold night general.
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Indian Wall
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