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 The most beautiful song

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PostSubject: The most beautiful song   The most beautiful song EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 11:23 pm

cheap chanel bags Evening of 12 October 2008, Beijing Exhibition Center Theatre
packed. This is "jazz goddess," said the Canadian singer ---- Diana's first solo concert in Beijing would be. Pieces of her
velvety voice and wonderful, conquered the hearts of all spectators.
chanel handbags sale When a song ended, the theater suddenly went off, a child crying sound harsh, with the audience began to talk softly: "how to bring children into the concert coming up?" Is also the worry has always been particular about the quality of Crane Tours will be kids and parents "please" and played outside, and even their walk out. Hear the sound of
children crying, The scholars can not help but God confounded a moment, but she quickly smiled, his eyes search for the
child's location, while pity to lips and said: "Oh, baby do not cry, is not performed too late, wake you sleep? "people even
more surprising is that The scholars improvised play the Schubert's" Lullaby ", and softly singing along together. All of a
sudden, melodious, soothing melodies swirling in the theater over to fill the gap. With the performance, the sound of
children crying gradually subsided.
chanel handbags sale That night, The scholars not only with their outstanding
talent for people to provide a visual and aural feast, even more rare is that she tells people singing with a smile: world's
most beautiful songs, not a yard from the noise sent to, but a man of tolerance and love from the heart
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The most beautiful song
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