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 SEO: Keyword selection techniques

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PostSubject: SEO: Keyword selection techniques   SEO: Keyword selection techniques EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 8:57 pm

shox shoes Find a large number of less popular keywords, of course, and these keywords should be relevant to your products and services. If only the Target the most popular in the industry a few keywords, bid prices will be high. If you can find a number of related but less popular keywords, the average keyword price is very low. But since you can find a large number of these key words (usually in the hundreds of thousands or more), then you can not get traffic from popular keyword than less, likely more, but have to lower the average price much more. This is the top PPC search engine advertising bid the most important key.
shox r4 Keyword selection and bidding of the level of investment return rate should be the standard of success and sometimes, a keyword may bid high. But if you are selling high value services themselves, then your return on investment is likely to remain good.
coach outlet All the key words to conduct a complete follow-up analysis, the price for all keywords, click-through rate, conversion rate should do a complete tracking and analysis. The only way to know which keywords bring you the highest click-through rate, which keywords bring you the highest return on investment. Often the case that some less popular, the price is not high, but highly relevant keywords the highest return on investment. Because the guests are looking for something very specific, very clear.
coach bags Constant comparative test which keywords actually bring sales and so on. All of these you should follow, and do some appropriate changes to achieve the best results. Sometimes, we subjectively believe that the best possible combination, in fact not the best approach. The basis of experimental data will be the last.
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SEO: Keyword selection techniques
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