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 Armless painter's apprentice story Douzinas

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PostSubject: Armless painter's apprentice story Douzinas   Armless painter's apprentice story Douzinas EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 10:55 pm

cheap chanel bags Century French painter mine one day to attend a dinner banquet with a small man walked over to him, and bowed deeply to him, asking him to take as apprentice. Ji Lei people looked at that step and found he was missing two arms of the disabled person, it tactfully refuse him, and said: "I think that it is not convenient for you paint it?" But the man did not care, immediately said: "No, although I have no hands, but there are two feet." talking, then please bring pen and paper owner, sitting on the ground, with toes clamped on the up stroke.
Although he is painting with their feet, but very good at, is evident through painstaking efforts of. The presence of guests,
including discipline, including mine, have been touched by his spirit.
chanel handbags sale Lei Ji very happy once we receive him as apprentice. The short one since mine as a teacher thanks to discipline, the more carefully study a few years of work have gained world renown. He is the famous armless artist Douzinas.
coach outlet Implications: No hands went so far to become a painter, is not it
weird it? This story tells us, have the determination and perseverance against all odds, you can create a miracle, so that
others can not do
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Armless painter's apprentice story Douzinas
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