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 Good question Galileo curious

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Good question Galileo curious Empty
PostSubject: Good question Galileo curious   Good question Galileo curious EmptyMon Sep 06, 2010 9:05 pm

Coach Outlet Galileo is the great Italian physicist, astronomer, in his contribution
to mechanics is the establishment of the law of falling bodies, the inertia of objects found in the law of the isochronous
pendulum, parabolic motion, and identify the Galileo principle .
Cheap coach bags During his study at the University of Pisa, very curious, and
often raise questions like "Why do not planets move along a straight line," a class of problems. Some teachers complain that
he had too many problems, but he never cared that the question asked.
cheap chanel bags Once Galileo that mathematicians Leach traveled to Pisa, he
prepared a number of questions to ask Leach. This time guys, and teachers tireless in teaching, the students go on to ask.
Galileo quickly learned about plane geometry, solid geometry and other aspects of knowledge and in-depth grasp on the levers of Archimedes, the proportion of the theories floating body.
chanel handbags sale Chinese-American physicist, Nobel Prize winner Mr. Li Zhengdao
he said: "the key that opens all science is undoubtedly a question mark." Therefore, in order to accomplish something in
their studies, must have curiosity, good asked the meaning.
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Good question Galileo curious
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