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 Chateau d'If prison

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Coach Outlet In the "Count of Montecristo", a book, Dumas the French Yifubaoan ranked as the imprisoned Edmond Tang Ortiz and his fellows Faria elders prison.
Cheap coach bags The book was published in 1844, countless readers came to this
curious yin desolate castle tour. Castle guard people making a fuss about visitors to each of the two year that Deng
introduced Ortiz and Faria's cell. People curiosity had been met. The keeper got a little tip accordingly.
cheap chanel bags One day, a well-dressed gentleman came to Chateau d'If. Guard cells were routinely took him to visit. When listening to the routine of some very impressive monologue, the visitor asked: "So, you know Edmond Tang Ortiz's, then?"
chanel handbags sale "Yes, sir, this child Zhengou poor, you know, troubled world so unfair to him, so, sometimes, I will give him more food, or to secretly give him a small glass of wine."
"You are really a good person." Gentleman said with a smile, put a coin on a business card with the hands of guards, "Please
accept it, this is your kindness to my son should get the reward." gentleman left, keeper took the card and saw the top with a nice font printed the names of visitors: Dumas.
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Chateau d'If prison
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