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 Newton's black box

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Coach Outlet March 20, 1727, death of a great scientist Newton. In his 84-year-old
died when his coffin was the Duke of two, three count, as well as judges. Voltaire is described this way: "He is like a well
loved by his subjects as the king was buried, and before him, is not what a scientist to enjoy this honor. In him, by such
practice was the are numbered.
Cheap coach bags "shortly after the death in Newton, the great 18th century poet Alexander thin on the Newton Park sums up the evaluation of the world: the rules of nature and natural hiding in the
darkness, the Lord said, Let Newton mankind! So all was light illuminated. Sentence poem inscribed on Newton's tomb is still
cheap chanel bags From the 18th century, Newton began to be considered the modern era's leading scientists, the greatest man, a rationalist, a church, we in the calm and pure rational thinking person on the line, Newton's name has been synonymous with a scientific .
chanel handbags sale Secret with him gone, after his death, someone tried to
understand the long-buried secret. Bishop Horsley was ordered checked the box, and that publication of a box of that vast
work, but he read the contents of a box, suddenly panic to cover up the box cover. 100 years later, David again reviewed the case, but he carefully extracted and by the small number of serious lies set "black box" where the truth completely covered
chanel bags Paper can not contain the fire, "black box" in secret or to be solved
finally. People are "black box" where things aghast, that evidence showed that Newton was the elixir of painstaking research and scrap metal to gold conversion method. As playwright George Bernard Shaw in the drama "In Good King Charles's golden age" in the words into the mouth, like Newton, the role of the playwright expressed by Newton's voice: "There are so many more important things need to to do: scrap metal to gold conversion, elixir of life, light and color of magic, overriding the implicit meaning of the Bible. I wanted to waste time in other places, how much time to waste priceless time! " Another most secret writings and explorations of the universe was supposed secrets of the truth --- the power of the Temple of Solomon, the Bible, Revelation, Book of Daniel, and on hundreds of pages on the history of the church.
Read the "black box" of evidence, everyone will think that Newton was not the first person to Age of Reason, but the magic home last. Newton's nature is mysterious, and hidden, and there is a deep nervousness, his successor as Whiston his
assessment: "The character is the most I have known fear, the most careful and suspicious of the character of 1. "Throughout
his life, he alienated women, lifelong bachelor,
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Newton's black box
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