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Coach Outlet No one expected, December 28, 1895 in Paris, France, Great coffee shop to happen, would be to be permanently recorded in history.
Cheap coach bags On that day, Lyon's young industrialist Auguste Lumiere and his brother, invited a large group of guests, in the basement of the cafe, continuous screening of the documentary approach with several short films shot .
cheap chanel bags The first film screened was "the factory gate." People are
surprised to find that: the dark, the light beam with a bunch of strong, much as groups of eyes wearing a flower dress of the
women, said as he smiled into the factory, then male who was wearing a shirt unbuttoned the jacket, pushing the bike,
casually entered the factory gate, and finally, factory owner traveled a beautiful carriage Chiru door, instantly, the factory gradually shut the door.
chanel handbags sale While still basking in the audience a real "factory gate"
time, followed by screening of "train station to" deprive the floor suddenly occurred in a "riot." When the screen appears a
moving locomotive puffing smoke, air head "toward the" from, the audience all terrified, and some with hands covered his
eyes, and some frightened hide seats below, some Huangbuzelu to run off, there's even called the police to ... ... wait for eliminating misunderstanding, many people you just feel ridiculous folly, but the Lumiere brothers have issued a knowing smile: for the first time film shows at last succeeded.
chanel bags Since then, the movie with its unique posture, traveled all over
the world, and to the rapid pace of developing into the world of art a gleaming (yƬ) brilliance of "Pearl." Thus, December
28, 1895 this day became the film's "birthday", Lumiere brothers were also praised as "the father of the film."
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Father of Film
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