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 The story of the Hilbert

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The story of the Hilbert Empty
PostSubject: The story of the Hilbert   The story of the Hilbert EmptyWed Sep 15, 2010 8:48 pm

Coach Outlet German mathematician David Hilbert (1862 ~ 1943) in the 20th century one of the greatest mathematicians. His contribution to mathematics is a huge and multifaceted, and research related to algebraic invariants, algebraic number field, geometry based variational method, integral equations, infinite dimensional
space, such as physics and math.
Cheap coach bags He published in 1899, "Geometry based on" a masterpiece of modern axiomatic method, and thus promote the formation of a "mathematical axiomatic School" can be said of modern forms of Hilbert is the founder of School of Justice. Hilbert in 1900 in Paris at age 38 at the second International Congress of
Mathematicians was entitled "Mathematical Problems" famous speech. In his lecture, he was the 19th century according to the
results of mathematical research and development trend, with excellent vision and extraordinary insight in the new century
facing the 23 questions.
cheap chanel bags This issue involves the 23 most important areas of modern
mathematics (the name of the Goldbach conjecture is that the first part of question Cool, research on these issues a strong
impetus to the 20th century the development of various branches of mathematics.
chanel handbags sale University's first semester, Hilbert selecting the calculus,
matrix and surface curvature on the three courses. According to the regulations. The second semester can be transferred to
another university lectures, Hilbert chose the University of Heidelberg, Germany, this was the most pleasing of all
universities and most romantic school.
chanel bags Hilbert at the University of Heidelberg Cue Lazarus Fuchs class. Fuchs
is a differential equation is famous, his name and has almost become synonymous with the linear differential equations. He
lectures really are unique, deep impression. He is not to prepare before class, and talk about the content, in the classroom and I would now push.
The mathematical methodology of the famous China expert Professor Xu Lizhi believe that the growth of the Hilbert certainly played a good role. I think this is very instructive for us today. Learning math is not only to learn method of solving the
problem, but also to learn how this solution is found. That is taught to think
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The story of the Hilbert
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