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 Gallows and the story of the barber

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Gallows and the story of the barber Empty
PostSubject: Gallows and the story of the barber   Gallows and the story of the barber EmptyThu Sep 16, 2010 8:59 pm

Coach Outlet World Literature "Don Quixote" in such a story:
Don Quixote's servant Sancho Pansa went to a small island, became the king of the island. He issued a strange law: for each person to reach the island to answer the question: "What are you doing here?"
Cheap coach bags If you answered yes to allow him to play on the island, and if
wrong, to take him hanged.For each person to the island, or enjoy playing with, or is hanging on the gallows. How many people dare risk death to this island to play it? One day a man came audacious, and he routinely asked this question, and this man replied: "I am here is to be hanged." Sancho Pansa I ask is to let him on the island play, or hang him then?
cheap chanel bags If you should let him play on the island, it and he said, "to be
hanged," the words do not match, that is, he said, "to be hanged" is the wrong thing. Since he was wrong, it should be
hanged. However, if Obasanjo Pansa take him hang it? Then he said, "to be hanged," consistent with the facts, which is right,
since he answered correctly, not the be hanged, but should let him play on the island. King of the island found that his law
can not run because no matter how implemented, all make the law has been damaged. He thought again and again and let the
guards put him, and declare that law null and void.
chanel handbags sale This is a paradox. There is a famous mathematician Bertrand
Russell (Russel ,1872-1970) The paradox proposed Similarly:
In a city has a barber, and his ad reads: "My hair is skilled, world-famous city. I do not give yourself all the city-based
people who shave shave, I have only to These people shave. I expressed warm welcome to you! "come to him shave people are doing it, naturally are those who do not shave himself. However, one day, the barber saw his beard long mirror, and he instinctively grabbed the razor, you can see for himself that he shave it? If he does not shave himself, he is "not to shave
their own people", he would shave himself, and if he does shave himself? He also belongs to "shave the man himself," he
should not give yourself a shave.
Russell's paradox of the set theory, this produced a crisis. Germany's famous logician Fritz in his theory on the finalization of the basis set the time of printing, Russell received a letter on this paradox. He immediately found himself busy for a long time been a series of results derived from this paradox upsets the mess. He could only end in his book writes: "One of the most unfortunate encounter scientists do, than is nearing completion of his work only to find the basis for the work are doing the collapse."
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Gallows and the story of the barber
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