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 Lobachevsky difficult process of creating non-Euclidean geometry

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Lobachevsky difficult process of creating non-Euclidean geometry Empty
PostSubject: Lobachevsky difficult process of creating non-Euclidean geometry   Lobachevsky difficult process of creating non-Euclidean geometry EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 8:50 pm

Coach Outlet 1893, in Kazan University establish the world's first statue of a
mathematician. The Russian mathematician is a great scholar, founder of Luobaqiefu non-Euclidean geometry of base (HNJIoqaheBCKNN ,1792-1856). Non-Euclidean Geometry is a creative human knowledge in the history of the great achievements of its founder, not only brought tremendous progress over the past century mathematics, and modern physics, astronomy and space-time concept of human revolution have had a profound impact.
Cheap coach bags However, this important mathematical discovery made in
Lobachevsky Chang well after the period of time Nei, not only failed to gain the recognition and praise of, but
cheap chanel bags Zaodaozhongzhong Waiqu, criticism and attack that non-Euclidean geometry Zheyi new theory lingering academic recognition.February 23, 1826, Lobachevsky at Kazan University, Department of Mathematics, Conference on Physics, delivered his first paper on non-Euclidean "geometry, parallel lines theorem of strict principle and that a summary." This initiative of the advent of paper, marking the birth of non-Euclidean geometry.
chanel handbags sale However, the significant results soon made public, it was
orthodox mathematician indifference and opposition.After the propaganda paper, Lobachevsky sincerely asked participants to
discuss proposed revisions. However, who also refused to make any public comment, will field a cold. A major discovery made
with originality, and those who listen to the first discoverer of the contents of my colleagues described the discovery of
experts, because of conservative ideology, not only did not understand the significance of this discovery, but took a frigid
and mocked attitude, this is really a regrettable thing.
chanel bags After the academic department commissioned Simonoff, Gupufeier and Bolasiman identify the composition of three groups of papers on the Lobachevsky written appraisal. Their attitude is
undoubtedly negative, but has been reluctant to write a written opinion, which ultimately also to the lost manuscript
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Lobachevsky difficult process of creating non-Euclidean geometry
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