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 The story of mathematician Archimedes 2

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The story of mathematician Archimedes 2 Empty
PostSubject: The story of mathematician Archimedes 2   The story of mathematician Archimedes 2 EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 9:16 pm

Coach Outlet Archimedes was born in 287 BC, the southern tip of the Italian
peninsula, Sicily's Syracuse. Father was a mathematician and astronomer. Archimedes has a good upbringing from childhood, 11-year-old was sent to the Greek cultural center was the city of Alexandria to study. In this known as "intellectual capital"
of the city, the Archimedes Group Bo read the book, learned a lot of knowledge and the students did Euclid Ailatuosai and
Canon's disciple, studying "Elements" .
Cheap coach bags And mathematician Archimedes was a great scholar and
mechanical home and enjoy the "mechanics" father's reputation. The reason is that he has found by experiment that leverage, but also with the geometric method of introduction of many levers Deduce proposition, given the strict proof. Among them the famous "Archimedes", he also has a very bright math achievement. Although the works of Archimedes spread so far a total of only 10 to the Department, it works most of geometry, which for the promotion of the development of mathematics, plays a decisive role.
cheap chanel bags "Sand computing" is a special calculation method and the theory about a book. Archimedes to calculate the universe is full of sand inside the sphere volume, he used a very strange
imagination, to establish a new order of magnitude counting method to determine the new unit is proposed that any large
number of models, which is logarithmic operation is closely related.
chanel handbags sale Denmark mathematics Shijia Hai Berg, in 1906 discovered the Archimedes Archimedes to Elatuosai letter and other writings of private copies of this. The research shows that private copies of these letters and the middle, contains the ideas of calculus, he is not missing the concept of limit, but its
ideological essence of the 17th century was extended to mature the field of infinitesimal analysis go, notice the calculus
chanel bags Because of his outstanding contribution, United States, ET Bell in "Mathematical People" is commented Archimedes: a list of any three of the greatest mathematicians in history of a list will
include the Archimedes Germany, while the other two are usually the Newton and Gauss. But to their great performance and to compare the background of the times, or take them to the profound impact of present and future generations to compare long should devaluation Archimedes.
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The story of mathematician Archimedes 2
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