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 The story of mathematician - Hua

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Coach Outlet Hua, Chinese mathematician. November 12, 1910 was born in Jintan
County, Jiangsu Province. June 12, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan died. After graduating from Hua early 1924, Chinese vocational schools in Shanghai less than a year, dropped out of school due to a poor family, his hard self-study math, 1930, in "Science" published an article on the solution of algebraic equations by the expert attention invited to Tsinghua University and started the research in number theory in 1934 became a Fellow Foundation for Education and Culture.
Cheap coach bags 1936 Cambridge University as a visiting scholar to work. Back in 1938, employed as Southwest Associated University. 1946 Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton should be invited to the Soviet Union a researcher and taught at Princeton University. Beginning in 1948, he University of Illinois professor.
cheap chanel bags Returned in 1950, served successively as professor at Tsinghua
University, China University of Technology Mathematics Department, Vice President, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on. Hua was the first, second, third, fourth and fifth members of the National People's Congress and CPPCC National Committee Vice-sixth.
chanel handbags sale Hua is an internationally renowned mathematician, in his
analytic number theory, matrix geometry, more complex variables, partial differential equations in a wide range of
mathematics have made outstanding contributions, because of his contributions, there are many theorems lemma, inequality and the methods used his name.
chanel bags In order to promote optimization, Hua personally led the squad to
twenty-seven provinces of universal application of mathematical methods as long as twenty years, has achieved remarkable
economic and social benefits for China's economic construction and make a significant contribution.
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The story of mathematician - Hua
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