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 Bitter young Beethoven

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Coach Outlet December 16, 1770, a small town in Germany on the Rhine in Bonn, as with the past began its day in the life: elector (eligible to be selected as the Kaiser's Marquis) of Gongdi in orchestras in the recitals; theater the nobility of the song echoes Sharon; This is a very strong air of urban music. Lower-class people,
on Christmas Eve, then rushing for the livelihood of their toil.
Cheap coach bags On this day, the city court, a singer named Beethoven's home, a
boy born. Child is very strong, loudly crying, seems to declare to the world for his arrival. Child's birth brought joy to the family, the child's grandfather, Ludwig's face covered with a kind smile. He was pleased his son John said: "This child will use my name, Ludwig called it."
Named for the grandson, the grandfather certainly did not think the name of Ludwig van Beethoven, actually will conquer
Europe, to conquer the world, included in the ranks of the world's great musicians, as the world cultural celebrities.
cheap chanel bags Childhood is a memorable day, but Beethoven's childhood has no partner, no joy of childhood. He was alone. He often secretly stood in a small attic window, watching the street, the children play in the chase, the small Beethoven more freely as they want to play this game, jump. Environment in which he prematurely mature. A 10-year-old child, sitting on the Rhine side, facing the north of the river slowly, thinking, thinking ... ... deep in thought, he forgot everything, trance. Grow up, this thought suddenly became a habit.
chanel handbags sale Life he was able to endure loneliness and solitude, perhaps in childhood lay the foundation for character. No children's innocence, did not get his spoiled family good condition, he had only to go to seek comfort from the music. He loved the shore of the Rhine green, tree of birds, the distant church bell, which could make him forget the sorrow, by fatherly caress.
chanel bags Rhine River flowing majestically, it gives the gift of music by Beethoven, but also to his boyhood of poverty andloneliness ... ...
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Bitter young Beethoven
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