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 Literary training of mathematicians

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Literary training of mathematicians Empty
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Coach Outlet Famous mathematician Mr. Xu Lizhi his own scholarly research
experience summarized as follows: to cultivate an interest, the pursuit of simple, visual attention, learn to abstract, not
afraid of five aspects of computing. Recently, he lectured in Nanjing Article Shiyou ─ ─ specifically added something like
literature, and after earnestly teach science, literary training can not be ignored.
Cheap coach bags In many people, the math and literature seems to be the magnet poles, the former relying on rational thinking, which is thinking in images, the two are mutually exclusive. However, many great mathematicians in history has the good literary training, Descartes a soft spot for poetry, that "poetry is the product of passion and imagination", the poet by the imagination to a burst of sparks the seeds of knowledge. Marx admired mathematician Leibniz, from small harbor on the poetry and history interest.
cheap chanel bags Full use of his books home, erudite, as later in philosophy,
mathematics and other subjects made a series of groundbreaking achievements lay a solid foundation. Prince of Mathematics universities in Göttingen during the Gauss, the most preferred of two subjects in mathematics and language, and keep their love life. Freshman year he borrowed from the library of 25 books in the humanities accounted for 20 classes.
chanel handbags sale As a mathematician or linguist is the idea of wandering in
the brain, the 19-year-old is successfully resolved Gaussian 17 Ruler polygon problem, which has strengthened the belief in
the teaching and research. After following the great mathematician Gauss Cauchy childhood love for mathematics, when a thought flashed through his mind, he often interrupts other things, on the count in the drawing.
chanel bags His mathematical genius mathematician Laplace and Lagrange were
found. Lagrangian is said to have predicted will be a great big Cauchy mathematician, and warned his father not to let
children early exposure to mathematics, so as not to mislead, as "do not know how to use their own language," the great
mathematician. Fortunately, Cauchy's at home on the school, his father motherhood, the systematic study of classical
languages, history, poetry. Legendary, the Cauchy political exile abroad, in Italy, taught in a college poetry class through
literature, and "Creation Act of Poetry," a book on the world. Cauchy's literary skills evident. G. Polya particularly interested in youth literature, in particular, like the works of German poet Heinrich Heine, and Heine same date of birth with pride, but had his works translated into Hungarian and awards. Lectures in China in 1921, Russell is a famous contemporary philosopher and mathematical logician, the famous "barber paradox" of the discoverer. But he is also a writer, a number of short story collection published. Many professional writers make surprise is that formal academic training, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950.
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Literary training of mathematicians
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