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 Liang Xiaosheng witty response to a British journalist

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Liang Xiaosheng witty response to a British journalist Empty
PostSubject: Liang Xiaosheng witty response to a British journalist   Liang Xiaosheng witty response to a British journalist EmptyWed Sep 29, 2010 8:36 pm

Coach Outlet Time, a British TV interview Liang Xiaosheng contemporary young
writers, on-site shooting television interview programs.
Cheap coach bags The British press let the camera suddenly stopped, and then Liang Xiaosheng, said: "The next question, I hope you will not hesitate to use 'yes' or 'No' to answer, please?" Liang
Xiaosheng I do not know design, readily accepted.
cheap chanel bags Surprisingly, a British journalist who bayan, cover the mirror
plate "snapped" to a sound, press the microphone into his mouth and said: "Without the Cultural Revolution, would not have you and your generation of young writers, then the Cultural Revolution your opinion, what is good or bad? "Then immediately the microphone out into the Liang Xiaosheng mouth. Camera at the Liang Xiaosheng face. Liang Xiaosheng's image and voice will tell the camera to a wide audience.
chanel handbags sale At this point, no matter Liang Xiaosheng answer "yes" or
answer "No", are awkward. However, Liang Xiaosheng just is promised the most "simple" Yes one word answer questions.
Therefore, the conditions are not in accordance with the swear not answer one way. It seems deliberately to the other party
is out of his spectacle.
chanel bags In this dilemma the occasion, Liang Xiaosheng but quietly said:
"Before I answer your question, I ask you a question: There is no World War II, there would be no World War II to reflect the
famous writer , do you think the Second World War is good or bad? "Liang Xiaosheng British journalist turned to the
microphone port ... ...
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Liang Xiaosheng witty response to a British journalist
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