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 Jia Luowa (Galois) (1811-1832)

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Jia Luowa (Galois) (1811-1832) Empty
PostSubject: Jia Luowa (Galois) (1811-1832)   Jia Luowa (Galois) (1811-1832) EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 8:32 pm

Coach Outlet Jialuo Wa was born in AD 25 October 1811, is a major upheaval of the
times, when the French Emperor Napoleon positive peak of power, but the following year, the occurrence of the Russian
campaign, Napoleon's defeat, 1814 , he was banished by Louis XVIII to succeed the throne. 1815 Napoleon escaped from Elba,
into Paris, back in power. However, after three months, it defeat Waterloo, banished again by Louis XVIII to succeed the
Cheap coach bags Jia Luowa age of 12, into a royal secondary school, which is a
prestigious school is tyranny. To the age of 16 he was allowed to study mathematics, he specialized in mathematical research
alone, and other subjects to attract any attention to him. His teacher wrote: "The students should only the highest in the
areas of mathematics to work.
cheap chanel bags The child was completely trapped in the frenzy of mathematics.
I think if his parents allow him apart from mathematics, you can not learn other subjects, it would be most beneficial to him. Otherwise, he will be here to waste time, and he did, but his teachers were headache, were punished himself overwhelmed.
chanel handbags sale Jia Luowa desire and performance in mathematics, is beyond the scope of the teacher's ability, that he can get books written by masters of contemporary mathematics as learning
materials. The age of 17, he made the life of the first paper, this point, the road show in his eyes seems to be smooth, but
no one expected that his talent has become a major obstacle to his progress.
chanel bags His problem-solving approach often innovative subtleties, but often
not appreciated by the teachers assessment, combined with his customary calculation in my mind, and disdain to write on the paper clearly demonstrated in detail, which makes mediocre Review teachers a headache, so that twice rejected in studies of the road.
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Jia Luowa (Galois) (1811-1832)
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