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 Jay's life story

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Coach Outlet January 18, 1979, Jay was born in Taipei, an ordinary family. Recalls his childhood, my mother used the phrase "Thank God he gave me to" give full expression to her son's love for this baby. "With a small plump dimpled smile, lovely really pleasing appearance.
Cheap coach bags Jay grew excited to hear the music will be rocking the rhythm, not only like to watch Sun Yue, Tao Dawei performances, often singing and wearing sunglasses to imitate Kao Ling-feng, sitting in front of the TV ads will also sing and dance along.
cheap chanel bags Year-old interested in the recording, often holding a tape
recorder to their own voice, or singing, or stories, wrote, directed and acted in and sing something from. "
And his father on the son's childhood assessment is, "he grew to love Shuashuai." Father recalled: "Jay was young, we often
went to a family of three sea breathe, the other kids obediently standing photos, he will go to grab the front of the lens lens.
chanel handbags sale The performance of his love, family gatherings performance, and often made us surprises. Jay grew up loving Shuashuai, not just wear pants Wide Pants, hair to stay in separately, and even heavy-duty vehicles are sure to ride motorcycles. Tamkang High School Musical High School class, every day from Taipei to Tamkang, optical drive would take more than two hours,
chanel bags So I want to buy motorcycles' Sheep `let him travel. The results,
Jay will open a heavy FZR, just because it looks cool riding heavy. "
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Jay's life story
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