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 Ji Maoxin story

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Coach Outlet One evening, the sea whip baby sheep stuck waist, holding a Hong
Yingqiang, under a small tree in the mountains stand guard.At this time, from the sunny slope of a small road to climb, he called all the way: "sea baby! Sea baby!" Sea baby hear is his father's voice, quickly to meet her. Dad pulled out a letter from the arms of the sea baby, said: "Now to the three Wangzhuang to give to the headquarters company commander Zhang."
Cheap coach bags Baby sea took the letter and saw three letters stuck in the
corner of a feather, that is a cap urgent Ji Maoxin. Baby sea hides a good letter, guarding his flock turned to the cliff, he
saw at the top of the Western Hills "message tree" collapsed.
cheap chanel bags Oops! Other side must have found the devils. Baby to the sea, can not walk this path, it left the road. But a look back, large outside pass to a team of Qiangliang the devils.Devils closer.
Anxious baby sea, where the Ji Maoxin possession of it? He looked at the chubby sheep tail, heart of a dynamic, holding the
bird to grab the lead in front of the old sheep, the hairy root of its tail rope made by twisting together two fine hairs,
the Ji Maoxin folded, tied under the tail.
chanel handbags sale What baby is not afraid of the sea, and his whip to break
away from the sheep ring loud, Devils rush toward the past. "Stop!" Devils yell up, crashed Juqi Qiang, facing the sea baby's small head. A black uniform black dog ran foul mouth, and caught the sea baby's neck, pulled him with a long mustache of the Devils in front. Eva is also afraid of the sea, he deliberately Waizhaonaodai, open mouth, stare silly mustache.
chanel bags Mustache say "search", the twisted black dog to a fight right away, touch the patch, dig holes, have scoured the sea baby whole body, even the two tramp did not let go, what did not search the results. Mustache just want to go into the mountains early Qiang Liang, directed at the sea baby shouted: "Go away! Go away!"
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Ji Maoxin story
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