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 Childhood story writer Eileen Chang

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Coach Outlet Zhang was born in old China, the status of prominent courtiers had
family. Her grandfather, the famous late Qing Qing Zhang Peilun is representative of schools, is Li's son. Zhang's father, a
Yishao style, stained with both hands on the bad habits get flowers, so the couple discord. Her mother was the daughter of
Nanjing Huang Jun door had to stay over ocean.
Cheap coach bags Ling the growth of this family, only to her unique accomplishment of Chinese culture and Western culture, but also the formation of sensitive and her cold, lonely and practical
chanel bags Ailing from an early age showed remarkable writer talent. Three or four years old, his mother taught her to recite poetry. Intelligent, she can not read a poem will be recited several times. She read a very good understanding of classical poetry, read a poem often the heart have to make an imitation. 7-year-old Zhang will be able to write novels, and watching her Xinshou "graffiti" work, often called the parents were happy to dance.Small Ailing 9 years old the day, she believed a cartoon strokes, the mother said yes, and her father said yes. She voted for the newspaper comics, a few days later, sent the five dollars from the newspaper paid for them, she was happy to jump up. Mom and Dad said: "These money as you can dominate it." Ailing excitedly went to a small shopping mall, she bought a Danqi lipstick, really makes the parents laugh and cry.
chanel bags Ailing in high school, literary talent has been fully revealed. Her
school of Mary Girls School in Shanghai, when the school has a literary magazine called "country of light," Zhang has published frequently in the school magazine fiction, book reviews and essays. Including an article entitled "Farewell My Concubine" written tragic heroic, impassioned, straight man named admire so many of its splendid diction, but also to many writer praise.
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Childhood story writer Eileen Chang
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