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 "Hybrid Rice" Father - Yuan Longping

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"Hybrid Rice" Father - Yuan Longping Empty
PostSubject: "Hybrid Rice" Father - Yuan Longping   "Hybrid Rice" Father - Yuan Longping EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 8:26 pm

Coach Outlet Rice, China's main food. Can be a long time, rice production is not
high, so many people, the farmers planted rice farming spend months and years, or can not meet the "eat" needs. Low food
production, is China a major obstacle to economic development. Yuan Longping Agricultural determination for the country
scientists research, to solve this problem.
Cheap coach bags Yuan Longping is a town in Hunan Agricultural School faculty.
Although the working poor, but he heart flutter in the research work. In addition to teaching, every day, that is, high-yielding varieties bred in the experimental field. In the study, he found a large natural hybrid rice panicle grain bread, high yield, but the second year and plant to degradation, and lost the advantage.
chanel bags He wanted to conduct a test, training to maintain the high yield of
hybrid rice seeds. For this ideal, Yuan do not know how much energy spent, sometimes observed in the experimental plots, and even back home also attend. After 10 years of hard work, and finally training a success.
chanel bags The 1,000 kilograms per mu of hybrid rice in the whole country after
years of rice yield in more than 1,000 million kg, is really a leap! Yuan Longping won the National Invention Award, the irst Principal. United States and other countries also introduced his results. He was called "hybrid rice" Father, to change the backward state of China's grain production hit a turnaround.
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"Hybrid Rice" Father - Yuan Longping
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