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 Xu Long wisdom stories

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PostSubject: Xu Long wisdom stories   Xu Long wisdom stories EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 8:46 pm

Coach Outlet Xu good long think a young age, his smart, witty and full of fun. Xu's uncle is like his long, often up ways to tease him to play, test his ability to think. Once, my uncle came to a close a long Xu led the water, only a narrow bridge and soft bamboo bridge, the two buckets filled with water, and Xu Long, said: "I want to test you, you can mention the two buckets of water across the bridge, I'll buy you a gift. "
Cheap coach bags Junior Xu Long thought for a moment to take off their shoes, with two ropes tied to kegs and casks filled with water then put in the water, so he carried the two ropes through the wooden bridge.
chanel bags Uncle would like another way to use a more difficult long Xu stumped. He said: "Since you crossed the bridge, I would certainly give you a gift, but according to my request to pick up gifts." That he put that gift to a Changgan hanging top, and told Xu Long : "You can neither stand on stools and the like where to get high, not able to cross down the bamboo."
chanel bags Uncle think that there is no way under the long Xu. Xu touched the back of the head but long, soon come up with ways to take a gift. I saw him hold the pole all the way to a well, and then to the well re-release of bamboo, bamboo top is coming when the wellhead, he successfully got that gift.
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Xu Long wisdom stories
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