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 Bill Gates's childhood story

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Coach Outlet Little Gates in school superior, which is recognized by everyone, but particularly surprising memory. His English teacher Anne Gates's memory for small deep impression. A theatrical performance in the school "black comedy" in trying to shift a little surprise Gates up to 3 pages of monologue to recite it, and complete and true, so many students envy. He recalled the subject teacher, when teachers lecture appeared hesitant and halting the situation, Gates often seemed to be blurted out: "This is ... ...."
Cheap coach bags There are even more startling, a small Bill Gates was 11 years old, took part in a recitation contest. This had to slow start. Gates is a small child on the Congregational church school choir and participated in Boy Scouts. Despite his religion class on "Bible" and not very interested, but also read some. On that occasion, Seattle University Community Congregational Church pastor Daiertaile respected, where the classes to Gates declared: "Whoever recited the" Matthew "5 the entire contents of Chapter 7, he will be invited to Seattle "space needle" tower restaurant, attend the free dinner party. "
chanel bags "Space needle" tower 153.3 meters high, boarded the "space needle" tower restaurant can see all the bigwigs in Seattle, it can be said that the restaurant is Seattle's most advanced, most decent place.
chanel bags However, to obtain the Pastor Taylor had dinner at the restaurant the opportunity not easy, because "there is no free lunch." Teaching career in a few years, Daiertaile the formation of a convention: every year, asked his students to recite these chapters. To be honest, these chapters long and loose, coherence is not strong, is still a mouthful. According to the minister said he has yet to meet a student can complete verbatim recite. However, Gates has done.
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Bill Gates's childhood story
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