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 The story of mathematician Gauss

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The story of mathematician Gauss Empty
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chanel bags Gauss (Gauss 1777 ~ 1855) was born in Brunswick, located in north central Germany now. His grandfather was a farmer, mason father and his mother was the daughter of a mason, there is a very intelligent brother, his uncle, Gaussian, Gaussian good care of small and occasionally give him some guidance, but the father can be said to be a "uneducated", that only effort can make money, learning this Laus child is of no use to the poor.
chanel bags Gaussian demonstrate extraordinary talent early age of three books on his father will be able to point out the error. The age of seven into the primary school classroom in the old school, the teacher is not good, and often think that their teaching is underappreciated in the backcountry. Gauss-year-old, the teacher of that road test the famous "from a hundred added," has finally found a Gaussian talent, he knows he is not smart enough to teach Gaussian to buy one from Hamburg more Gaussian deep mathematical books to read. At the same time, he was almost Gaussian and large-year-old assistant to become familiar Bartels, and Bartels capacity is much higher than the teacher, and later become a university professor, he taught more and deeper mathematics of Gauss.
Gaussian teachers and teaching assistants to visit the father, asking him to accept the higher education Gauss, but Gauss's father that the son should be like him as a mason, and there is no money to continue reading the Gaussian, a conclusion Yes - go to the rich and powerful man as the sponsor of the Gaussian, although they do not know where to look. After this visit, Gauss eliminating the weaving work every night, every day, and Bartels to discuss mathematics, but soon after, Bartels has nothing to teach a Gaussian.
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The story of mathematician Gauss
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