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 Einstein's life story

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chanel bags 20th century's greatest physicist Albert Einstein (Albert.Einstein) 1879 年 3 月 14 born in Germany, Ukraine Ear Farm southwest city of Munich a year later moved with his family. Einstein's parents were Jewish, his father Hermann and uncle Jakob Einstein, Albert Einstein and opened a power plant and lighting systems for the production of motors, arc lights and electrical appliances factory instrument. Lin is the mother glass housewives with secondary education, very fond of music, taught him the time in the Einstein-year-old violin.
chanel bags Einstein was not a lively child, more than three years old will not talk, parents are worried that he is dumb, who took him to a doctor. Fortunately, Little Einsteins is not dumb, but his speech until the age of nine is not very clear, every word spoken must be difficult, but careful thought.Four or five years old, Einstein once confined to bed, his father gave him a compass. When he discovered that a compass always points to a fixed direction, was very surprised that there must be something deeply hidden behind this phenomenon. For several days he was very happy to play this compass, still cling to the father and uncle Jacob asked a series of problems. Although he was not even a "magnetic" say a bad word, but he stubbornly wants to know why the compass to guide. Such a profound and lasting impression, until the sixty-year-old Einstein still vivid memories of the time out.
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Einstein's life story
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