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 Determinants of genius - hard

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Determinants of genius - hard Empty
PostSubject: Determinants of genius - hard   Determinants of genius - hard EmptyMon Oct 18, 2010 8:29 pm

chanel bags People often say, Thomas Edison was his greatest genius of that era, there was only a limited number of

portraits, like the inventor of the first electric lamp greatly changed people's lives. But Einstein and other scientists said he was "an invention of the gods," "a

genius can produce," and regarded him as the world's great men, he felt uneasy, he was hated even the word genius . He said: "take the mystery out of the use of nature

for human beings to seek happiness, on - when we are most short time in this world, I do not know of a better service than this."
chanel bags He explained: "Genius is two percent inspiration and ninety-eight percent perspiration." He praised him as a

genius for those who argue that: "This is completely false, just hard work is real. my invention is obtained by the practice, and is by no means a genius. "
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Determinants of genius - hard
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