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 Movie star Zhang Ziyi

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chanel bags Zhang Ziyi, a young Chinese star, a brilliant oriental movie star. She won her artistic image created by millions of viewers, but also won the world cinema's attention. As some senior film journalist said, "the Chinese girl's popularity is too busy, and her Star Road will be very bright."
chanel bags Zhang was born in Beijing, an ordinary family. Father is a bureau of the cadres, the mother was a kindergarten teacher. Childhood, Zhang Ziyi looked thin, his mother's colleagues to see her so thin, and proposed to her to learn gymnastics. So, my mother sent her to the Xuanwu Sports School, Sports School District this year but did not do gymnastics class, the teacher advised her to learn dance. This 8-year-old she went into the p90x Xuanwu District Children's Palace to learn dance. Tao Jin mentor happens to be the first teachers that year.
3 years later, the 11-year-old Zhang was admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy High School, began her professional folk dance 6 years of study, and the fourth in 1994, Tao Li Cup National Youth Dance Competition in the Chinese folk dance performances obtained Award.
Although young, took a national award, Zhang Ziyi was not complacent. With age, she felt a small dance performance space, she could not life be a dancer, but not willing to give people a lifetime dancers. She wants to find their footing, to find their own development, so she thought dramatic, thought the movie. High School in 1996 after graduating from the School of Dance, she successfully admitted to the Central Theatre Academy.
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Movie star Zhang Ziyi
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