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 Organizers are good at gathering human genius

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Organizers are good at gathering human genius Empty
PostSubject: Organizers are good at gathering human genius   Organizers are good at gathering human genius EmptyWed Oct 20, 2010 8:33 pm

p90x American scholar Michael Hart said: "Edison's invention of the reason why there are so rich because of his Menlo Park, New Jersey created a laboratory, using a large number of right-hand man, engaged in research and manufacturing. The laboratory is later Many large industrial companies to establish the original form of the large laboratory. "
cheap coach bags Another American scholar also holds the same view. Asimov wrote: In Menlo Park lab, "there are as many as eight scientists obtained the required qualifications to work for him."
chanel bags "U.S. companies history" of the Seligman writes: Edison, "gathered a group of highly skilled personnel, the purchase of some equipment and machinery, and remind ourselves and the men of the people in the technology field scale new heights. He employ a number of trained scientists. "
chanel bags Since the 18th century in the United States and Western Europe, although the production of social progress has been made, but still the old way of scientific research. Independent scientists to study or individuals not organized into research work. The late 19th century, around to explore the application of power in technology, scientific research has brought to Edison's difficulties. Electrical, mechanical, chemical and other subjects between the penetration of a scientific research is often a synthesis of many disciplines. Edison the original of an individual or by several people the situation is difficult to adapt. In 1876 he established the world's first industrial research laboratory, he called the "invention factory"; the final selection of the Japanese produced a bamboo. Since then, people started using a real light.
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Organizers are good at gathering human genius
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