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 Defend their patent rights

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Defend their patent rights Empty
PostSubject: Defend their patent rights   Defend their patent rights EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 8:40 pm

p90x West Orange since the beginning of a new life, Edison's incandescent who infringe the patent to take a tough stance to defend their patent rights to the struggle. In the maintenance of patent issues, Edison has experienced a silence to seek justice from the process of change.
chanel bags Since from 1880, there have been many patent infringement. Not only appeared on the market a number of other filament lamp used, and the invention of Edison fuses, switches, lights and other auxiliary devices also have a new replica. For such violations, when the U.S. no one is interested, but no legal proceedings, to which Edison Electric Light Company's shareholders strongly criticized Edison, that he failed to protect their interests.
Edison in the maintenance of the patent was silent on the reasons? First, he concentrated mainly on the improvement and development of electric light filament, and to attend to legal matters. He was well aware that the machinery of the law once the start, will take up his valuable time, and time for Edison, it saves time to lengthen life. Therefore, to promote light industrial development and protection of his patent rights is not the contradiction between the adjustable joint between the two can only choose one, not both. Secondly, Edison reason to avoid legal action, but also because he was skeptical of patent law, in Edison appears in the patent law is not justice at all in the. Edison wrote: "As with a comma, the contents of the book completely changed the patent, I lost the phone in Germany, the carbon resistance patent.
chanel bags Meanwhile, in Germany, another patent was invalid, because they found something like that, as early as 2000 BC in Egypt used to - they said that although this kind of thing is not exactly the same with my invention, but similar enough to place as many rejected my patent. "He added:" This patent protection is often in the technical decision flow program or their own demise. A suit will be thrown from a court, sent to another court, to file the form sent on, he argued on the back, so come and go, not so much seeking justice, as it is 'play' training. An important case of the present their knowledge in a short time, but it happens all decisions involve technical issues, which dragged on, stretching several years, so that the purpose of the proceedings entirely vanished. "
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Defend their patent rights
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