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 Newton and the story of gravity and light

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Newton and the story of gravity and light Empty
PostSubject: Newton and the story of gravity and light   Newton and the story of gravity and light EmptyWed Oct 27, 2010 8:07 pm

p90x Twenty-year-old Newton, the plague popular in London. Cambridge University students infected for the prevention, notification of students drop out to go home to avoid the epidemic, the school temporarily closed. Newton to return home to Lincolnshire countryside. Day leave of absence spent in the country, he never stopped learning and research. Gravitation, calculus, analysis of light based on the work of the invention are accomplished during this period.
chanel bags At that time, the country's children are often hit with a sling around a few after the stone throwing very far. They can also force a bucket of milk from his head turned, and milk it remain.The fact that he suspected it: "What is the force that catapults inside the stone, and can not afford a bucket of milk down? For this, he had thought of Kepler and Galileo's ideas. He vastness of the universe space, endless rows of planetary week, wide cold moon, until the massive planet, and then think of the interaction forces between these behemoths.
coach handbags At this time, Newton jumped into the "gravity" in the calculation and verification. Newton plans to use The principle of action to verify the laws of the planets in the solar system. He first inquire from the Moon Distance from Earth, as reference information and data is incorrect, the results of calculations are wrong.
chanel bags Because according to management projections moon around the earth every minute to the centripetal acceleration should be sixteen feet, but It is estimated that a mere 13.9 feet. The plight of the failure, not frustrated and discouraged Newton, but with greater efforts to study hard. After a full spring and summer and winter of seven to thirty years old finally put the world-famous "law of universal gravitation" full proof of it, laid the theoretical astronomy, celestial mechanics basis.
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Newton and the story of gravity and light
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