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 The founder of fluid mechanics: Torricelli

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The founder of fluid mechanics: Torricelli Empty
PostSubject: The founder of fluid mechanics: Torricelli   The founder of fluid mechanics: Torricelli EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 8:09 pm

p90x Torricelli is one of the 17th century Western prestigious scientists. He was just 39 years old birthday, suddenly fell ill, died. But his short life, and achieved many outstanding achievements and won a high reputation.
He grew to be a good math education. Seventeen-year-old at the time, the remarkable aptitude for mathematics has been Blair. So, in his twenty years of age, his uncle took him to Rome, Galileo's students taught by Cass Deli. Bradley was known for Fidel mathematician and hydraulic engineer, he was in many aspects of mathematics achievement Zhuo, also founded the science of hydraulics basis. See Torricelli Cass Young Bradley intelligent, very fond of, they assigned him as her personal secretary, in the academic guidance given to him.
chanel bags Torricelli deeply studied Galileo's "Dialogue of two new science," a book. Obtained from mechanical principles related to the development of a lot of inspiration. 1641 Torricelli published "On the movement of heavy objects," a book, the dynamics of Galileo's law attempted to make a new own conclusions. Castro visited Galileo in a Bradley when Torricelli's treatise to the Galileo saw, also warmly recommended Torricelli.
chanel bags Galileo, Torricelli on the reading, indicated very much appreciate his outstanding insights, we invited him to serve as assistant. In 1614, Torricelli came to Florence and met Galileo, Galileo is now blind, lying in bed all day. In his last three months, Torricelli and Viviani as his students oral confer Galileo, Galileo became the last of the students.
coach handbags After the 1642 death of Galileo, Galileo, Torricelli succeeded either Florence Academy of Sciences, Professor of physics and mathematics, and was appointed as court chief mathematician. Since then he has the money to do some experimental research, not as before only in the theoretical exploration. Later, Torricelli greatly enriched Galileo's "two new scientific dialogue", "the fifth and sixth two days" of the content.
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The founder of fluid mechanics: Torricelli
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