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 Turgenev and his childhood

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Turgenev and his childhood Empty
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p90x Turgenev (1818-1883) the creation in Russia of the nineteenth century literary realism, it occupies an important position. Wrote his early poems, written in the script four or five years, essays and other genres of the works, life long done a lot of good, medium-length and short stories. He was good to observe the emergence of new social life, thought, care for major social problem, efforts to pursue real life, in nearly half a century writing career, through a series of work, keen to reflect the thinking of the Russian liberation movement and social development in a series of major events.
cheap coach bags He made art is remarkable achievements. Such as his feelings in the expression of the characters, depicting the scenery of nature and the structure of the novel and the development of Russian literary language, etc., have made their own contributions, for the development of Russian and world literature, played a catalytic role . He is the representative of the Russian realistic writers of the general literature.
chanel bags Ivan? Turgenev was born November 9, 1818 Russia and Austria in the Liaoning province of Seoul, a noble family. His childhood was one of the estate of his mother, a Lutuo Calvino Spartak Si Keye spent living village. Part of his work here is done. Seoul Olympic Liaoning Province, beautiful natural scenery around, to Turgenev to a profound impact, helped him to portray the growth of outstanding natural scenery.
chanel bags Turgenev's mother, Varvara? Petrovna? Tu Genest baby is a very willful, overbearing woman landlords, the nobility of prejudice and is very conspicuous in her habit. She was very cruel, corporal punishment is often the servant, sometimes for a small fault not to exile serfs to Siberia. Varvara? Petrovna of this nature is also reflected in the attitude of the other son. She believes that children do not play no talent.
coach handbags Turgenev later recalled: "In that environment I grew up, beat, twisted people, fists, ears, etc., simply become routine." Atrocities serf, is intolerable for the Turgenev . Turgenev childhood to hate the atrocities of serf owners.
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Turgenev and his childhood
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