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p90x Italy Lutz (1907-1982) is not a very famous psychologist, he only wrote an autobiographical works of psychology, explained, will own experience combined with some psychological point of view. This is the image and interesting booklet, one thing that Lutz childhood:
cheap coach bags Lutz's mother is good at cooking Pizza. Lutz family was not rich, often at the dinner table is the vegetables Pizza. However, from time to time, and Lutz Pizza under that piece of plate, there will be delicious bacon, this is the mother secretly left to Lutz's. Lutz recalled that a thin piece of bacon so dull childhood full of expectations and surprises.
chanel bags Lutz Under this recall, opened the restaurant in his customers had a calm and collected on the test. Lutz Pizza in each hidden inside of a blessing, then read the note, almost all of the customers to show surprise, no one questions the health status of the paper, which containing the words of blessing Strip Pizza is known as "Lutz Pizza", and became a cultural feast of Italian-style.
chanel bags Lutz confirmed by the psychological "surface psychology" and "turning point" in the two theories. The so-called "surface psychology" refers to the first individual to see things or objects on the surface phenomena and the reasons of the most intuitive, such as the above-mentioned Pizza. "Turning point" refers to the unexpected things that arise, and be able to change the psychology of the psychological feelings of the surface, that bacon and a small piece of paper.
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