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 Su Buqing story

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p90x The famous mathematician Su Buqing, since March 1931 should be approximately the famous mathematician Chen Jiangong, carrying the Tohoku Imperial University, home with the honor of Doctor of Science, Zhejiang University, employed at the National, has any number of associate professor, professor, department head , Dean of Students and the Registrar. To October 1952, adjusted by the National Higher Education Department, he was somewhat reluctantly to the Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Fudan University professor, dean, he served as provost and vice principals and principals. He has served many sessions of the CPPCC National Committee, National People's Congress, and the seventh, eighth and NLD Vice Chairman of CPPCC vice chairman and other staff.
chanel bags AD September 23, 1902, it was an ordinary day, can grandparents to flee from famine from Fujian, Zhejiang Pingyang Tongan Village of Suzu Shan home with it, it is a rare joyful, down day. What God has eyes, day official blessing. Suzu Shan add a D house, the couple smiling from ear to ear, and finally with generations of farming "successor." Suzu Shan couple can go to school from the end, try hard enough without culture, eager to succeed in life, then to his son select "Buqing" in the name of some good words on the fortune teller said, with "Bu Qing" in the name of the future set may "meteoric rise, the family line."
chanel bags After all, the name is not "fame and fortune," the ladder. While peers have Beiqishubao school, Suzu Shan to the son is a bullwhip. Since then, Su Buqing wore a series of large Zhuli father, wore a rough mother sew clothes and bare feet rode Cattle, whip strokes, came under Woniu Shan, with river stream. Su Buqing was first domesticated buffalo, fat strong force, never to short and looked down on a small cattle baby. Once a buffalo temper up, and Ben and dancing, the Su Buqing fell to just cut off the bamboo in Chuk Yuen. God really blessed, and he fell a few bamboo root in the middle, not physical pain, escaped unharmed.Cattle home, Su Buqing private school through the village entrance, often attracted by the sound of loud book. Once, the teacher was read aloud: "Sue Fountain, xxvii, began energies, reading books." He listened, then follow the read several times. Since then, he had to remember the jingle, when the cattle when the mountains sing.
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Su Buqing story
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