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 Edison's career as telegraph operator

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Edison's career as telegraph operator Empty
PostSubject: Edison's career as telegraph operator   Edison's career as telegraph operator EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 8:05 pm

p90x McKenzie often see quoted in the sale of more than Edison, to the train station transmitter room to study the instrument. Therefore, McKenzie that Edison might want to study telecommunications technology, will be a messenger. So he said to Edison, said: "Edison, you saved my child, I have a good reward you. I see you seem very interested in the telecommunications machines, so I want to teach you for free telecommunications technology."
cheap coach bags Edison is very pleased, he replied: "life-saving grace when I was not, I just do what I should do it. You have to teach me to telecommunications technology, I am very happy that the first thank you." McKenzie continued: "I am very happy to teach you. Well, you telegraph to the train station tomorrow room, the radio operator to be a student." This is Edison is undoubtedly more valuable than money reward .
chanel bags In this way, Edison sold newspapers at the station side, side of him in the transmitter room telegraph operator trainee's career. Hybrid vehicles in the Cleveland Clemens stopped, he ran to telegraph the table, introduce ourselves with a mentor who study diligently, twice a day. Sometimes on his behalf luggage cart to carry the newspaper from Detroit, he will have to stand on the day internship in.
chanel bags Child, he often combined electric parts, so this work is not too difficult for him, and telecommunications with the key, he had previously been successful experiments, and Quincy and friends through the message, so he studied transmitter technological progress quickly. McKenzie described the Al-learning is like a dry sponge absorbing water, so to teach people to panic. In a very short time, he learns a variety of telecommunications technology, but also skillfully operate a variety of machines. 4 months later, he was an official radio operator's station staff qualified to join the ranks of cable is a new thing, not many people were able to send and receive telegrams, the best radio operator received only 45 per minute, word, dry This line is not easy. However, people can send and receive telegrams can find work almost everywhere. Al returned to Port Huron, to get to work.
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Edison's career as telegraph operator
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