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 The advent of trams

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The advent of trams Empty
PostSubject: The advent of trams   The advent of trams EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 6:40 pm

p90x Chronicle in Edison, we see light Edison in 1881 of narrow-gauge electric trains. Test the idea of electric trains, Thomas Edison back in 1878 there will be a. Edison recalled: "I went to Wyoming in 1878, observed a solar eclipse, on the return journey from the train and looked out the window, endless fields, uneven roads, farmers are carrying vegetables or wheat with a horse, horses, and people are out of breath, and that Parker was with me when the professor was talking about the laying of small tracks, so that trams running, so that people and horses to not be so hard. "But when Edison invented the electric light to focus on.
cheap coach bags One day, "North Pacific" came to Menlo Park, president of Edison, said: "You know, the use of steam train to the mountain the first zone, into the tunnel, soot choking the driver and passengers are not comfortable, especially in the summer with the window open, come in more soot. ran the first steam locomotive mountain areas if not, switch to electricity, is there a way? "
chanel bags "In fact, long been moving the brains." Edison replied. Edison told him that when he was still selling timekeeping American Trunk Railway, in Detroit, had read a library book, the book is written in 1837 there was a painstakingly produced by the British Trams battery. In 1850, the United States was to create the battery tram.
chanel bags In 1879, the German trade fair in Berlin, Siemens unveiled a battery of five non-car train, this car has set a 30 motorcycle passengers, a record speed of 24 km per hour driving record. 3 locomotive is powered by a motor drive. This is the first generator to replace the battery with a new locomotive of vehicles. However, Siemens train has its weaknesses, this is the insulation of performance limited to sunny days to force it.
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The advent of trams
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