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 Young Pescod - Yue Fei

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p90x sale Yue Fei (1103 ~ 1142), the word Pengju, phase state Tangyin (today Tangyin) people. China's famous National hero, repeatedly perform outstanding service, the early Southern Song Dynasty against gold star.
cheap coach bags Yue Fei was born into a peasant family. Ancestors generations of farming in the loess ground hard. Father Yue and an honest farmer. His family live frugally, save often used to help the hungry through food shortage Years. Yue Jiageng neighbors invaded the land, mountain and cut him altogether; have to borrow money without returning it, and also do a. This tradition of honest statesman direct impact on the Judge. Legend of Yue Fei was born, there is the same one as the geese Bird Feiming over, so named for his father Pengju. Yue Fei did the full moon, the Yellow River burst, the mother Yao Yue Fei sat holding a large urn in the sand, was spared.
chanel bags Yue Fei was young, the family is very poor. Mother devoted themselves to teach him personally. No money to buy paper Pen, to use the branches as a pen, as sand paper, on the ground writing. He man of few words, but the learning is Hard. In particular, like to read, "Zuo Spring" "Sun Wubing Law", worship and other save the world Zhuge Kong Ming Ming Chen. He has also written together to send Chi-hour: "Zhuge name down the universe, a rural Qi Yuan Rong team." That he will As to serve the country as Zhuge Wuhou, save the people and make great achievements. He has traveled Tarzan, wrote, "flowChong Shanhuai of water, wind lease Chunlan secluded bamboo man ", and placed his love for the motherland and the great rivers and mountains were People admire Patriots.
chanel bags Yue Fei is not only study hard, learn art of war well, but hard to practice martial arts. Said that he was gifted with A god, minors will be able to pull the bow of 300 pounds, 8 stone crossbow; to weeks with the study of arrows, to the left The right bow, arrows, not in vain. In fact, the Yue Fei Wushu this body is completely out of practice.
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Young Pescod - Yue Fei
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