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 Gorky had a falling out with Lenin

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Gorky had a falling out with Lenin Empty
PostSubject: Gorky had a falling out with Lenin   Gorky had a falling out with Lenin EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 6:33 pm

p90x sale Golgi by the former Soviet authorities as the "Father of proletarian literature", also with Lenin, the "great friendship", but look at the KGB archives, Gorky and the Russian "Father of the revolution" occurred many times between the concepts and political conflict that almost was referred to the break point. Gorky little swing, Lenin would criticize him, Gao is reported to funny smile: "I know I am a very poor Marxist. Anyway, we have these artists ... then sort of foolishness ..." .
cheap coach bags After the October Revolution, Gorky was the fact that horror, in the "new Al-Hayat" (left-wing Menshevik-run daily newspaper, in April 1917 published in St. Petersburg) published an article openly opposed the Bolshevik seizure of power, that this is the tragedy and destruction of Russia , which in 1918 ordered the closure of paper Xialie Ning depicts this newspaper. The opening of the Second Congress of the Communist International, Lenin comment Gorky article written for the meeting, "There is no smell of Communists, there are strong anti-communist nature. Therefore, this article must not be in the magazine."
chanel bags To the first half of 1920, almost broke off diplomatic relations between them, Gorky occasion of the fiftieth birthday of Lenin, compared him with Peter the Great, said: "see this great man, so people have a total fear, freedom to play with us he leverage on the history of this planet. "In 1922, the secret police in the dark for the seventh and got rid of the Golgi, they Gao's friends and acquaintances to collect evidence. At this point, Lenin and the Cheka chief Dzerzhinsky total is still alive.
chanel bags Lenin and Gorky last met in October 20, 1920, regarding the current meet, there have been some dramatic descriptions, such as the movie "gun people" (1938). The meet is to break up Lenin to Gorky emigrated again: "If you do not go, then we have to take you away."
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Gorky had a falling out with Lenin
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