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 The story of Norman Bethune

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gucci shoes Norman Bethune (Norman Bethune) (1890 ~ 1939), Communist Party of Canada, international communist fighter, the name of Thoracic Surgeons. March 3, 1890 Born in Ontario, Gravenhurst Town, a family pastor. Youth, worked as ship waiter, loggers, school teachers, journalists. cheap coach bags [/url] He graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1916, a bachelor's degree. Some countries in Europe and America to observe, practice, served in the United Kingdom and Canada, Captain Medical, surgical director. 1922 was admitted as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 1933 was hired as the Canadian federal and local government health department consultant. The United States in 1935 was elected a member of Thoracic Surgery, director. His thoracic surgery medicine in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States medical community reputation.
chanel bags November 1935 joined the Canadian Communist Party. German and Italian fascists supported F. Franco launched the Spanish Civil War, he was the winter of 1936 volunteers to participate in anti-fascist struggle in Spain. Sino-Japanese War broke out, in order to aid the liberation of the Chinese people, in March 1938, he was the Communist Party of Canada and the United States sent the Communist Party, led a medical team consisting of Canadians and Americans came to Yan'an.
cheap coach bags August, the Eighth Route Army Jin-Cha-health adviser, carefully working to improve the work force and the field of medical treatment to reduce mortality and disability rates of the wounded. Behind the hospital building, the Military Hospital as a model to organize the production of medical equipment, medical personnel to impart knowledge to the preparation of medical illustrations manual. Advocated the establishment of a shed for cattle surgical hospitals, medical cadres held internship weeks, speed up the training of health cadres. Organizations out of field firing life-saving mobile medical teams. In order to reduce the suffering of the wounded and maimed his line of fire from the operating table in the place recently. The end of November, the rate of medical teams to conduct field Shanxi Yanbei treatment, two consecutive days and nights to do 71 surgeries.
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The story of Norman Bethune
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