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 The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

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The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin Empty
PostSubject: The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin   The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin EmptyFri Nov 12, 2010 7:16 pm

gucci shoes The famous American statesman and scientist, "Declaration of Independence," one of the drafters of the Franklin, and once to a senior home visit, when he was ready to enter the small door, because the little door, door frame is too low, his head was a harsh bump. Out to greet the seniors smiled Franklin said: "The pain is not it? However, this should be your greatest achievement of my visit today. You have to remember: in order to safely make a living in this earth, you must always I remember looking down. "
chanel bags Since then, Franklin to "remember the bow," and acted as a life motto. Although we are all human beings can not be compared with Franklin, but it should always learn to bow down to understand the courage to bow their heads.
louis vuitton outlet Heavy load is too much of life to lower a bow, lifted a heavy share of the excess. To face their own mistakes and shortcomings, we must learn to "bow." Only learn to bow their heads in order to face up to their mistakes.
cheap coach bags There is very appropriate folk proverb: "bow to the rice, Angtou the tares." The more mature and more full of rice, the head hangs low. Only those tares, will show off swagger, always raised his head Lao Gao.
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The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin
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