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 Darwin's family tragedy

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PostSubject: Darwin's family tragedy   Darwin's family tragedy EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 6:59 pm

gucci shoes Darwin is the great English natural scientist, he founded the biological theory of evolution is found in the 19th century one of the three natural science. Unfortunately, the discovery of truth and the discoverer of the tragedy of the family has overlapping together. January 29, 1839, with his cousin Emma Darwin Meizhuang church at the wedding of Emma Darwin's daughter uncle Qi Messiah, she was intelligent, beautiful, gentle. Darwin 16 years old to Meizhuang Josiah uncle for the summer, began between the two pure, precious friendship, Darwin concluded tough third year after the global study, formed with his wife Emma. After marriage, Darwin mutual respect and love between husband and wife, Emma for her husband's career gave their all. However, because they are cousins marry, which the family planted the seeds of tragedy.
Darwin married, Emma, 10 children of a symbiosis. Among them, the eldest daughter, Anna Elizabeth, second daughter and youngest son Charlie Flynn, both died young. Although his other 7 children fortunate enough to grow up, but all suffer from this or that disease. His second son George, third son Francis, son of Horace five scientists later became famous, but their three brothers and four unmarried daughter Elizabeth for life are suffering from varying degrees of mental illness. George particularly like talking about other people's pain, Darwin, Francis was known as the "melancholy young man," Horace always says he's sick, Elizabeth suspicious, sometimes pretending to arouse sympathy for the parents. The other three children: eldest son William, three sons and four daughters Henrietta Leonard, although no obvious signs of mental illness, but they married but do not leave offspring.
louis vuitton outlet Later generations of the Darwin family, found Darwin's grandfather and uncle are long-suffering doctor can not diagnose the "mysterious disease", to Darwin this generation is also very clear pathological signs of middle age since Darwin himself from the torture he has suffered from a post- half of the "mental depression." Because inbreeding, this "mental depression" in his last terrible offspring retained. Emma in love with the era of Darwin, people have a vague understanding of the basis of experience to the dangers of inbreeding, but the two young men of reason instead of emotion, and finally led to this family tragedy. Darwin in the "orchid pollination," a book clearly states: natural aversion to close fertilization, human reproduction as well. Unfortunately, he really recognized this too late!
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Darwin's family tragedy
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