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 Russell Shanghai Zaoleng Yu

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louis vuitton outlet Russell (1872-1970) is a famous British philosopher and scientist. In 1920, he had come to China to give lectures. But when he arrived in Shanghai, has suffered an unexpected cold.
Louis vuitton outlet bags Originally, Russell received the invitation of China, was very excited, they run out within five days of exit formalities, hopes that a new life. But when he bring Miss unmarried cohabitation Bo Lake arrived in Shanghai terminal, they found deserted, and no one to pick them. They are unfamiliar with the place, at a loss, I thought I was teasing, and is considering whether to turn tail turn back, go back home. But no reason to suspect that other people will not pay him to travel to China, who spent a fortune to do a joke on him! Both the docks suspicion uncertainty, dilemma, Mozhi of the measures, welcomed the crowd there, the original masters of the time wrong.
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Russell Shanghai Zaoleng Yu
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